Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reasons Why You Should Quit Pornography!

It's no longer news that a good number of married couples and individuals learnt about sex through pornography. When puberty gets hold of an innocent, naive child, the curiosity to know more about the erect and firm penis and the spouting of the breast pushes many to ask questions in this 21st century when sex education is gradually being accepted by all. But it used to be a taboo to talk about sex and our parents didn’t take that lightly as that child was expected to be thinking of how to graduate in flying colors. Although this is reduced, but we still have parents who are uninformed and when children find themselves with such parents,  they often resort to the Internet, romantic novels, and pornographic videos. 
Painfully the church shy away from talking about sex and that makes so many individuals to learn the act of sexual intimacy instead of understanding God's purpose for sex. In many churches, even couples who are engaged to be married shouldn’t discuss sex and sexuality. A good number of marriage counseling departments in our churches, sadly, are led by the wrong people.

Pornography has destroyed homes and has painted a wrong picture of sex to many individuals who feel that if they do not attain a particular standard, form, and performance as demonstrated by porn stars, their sex life is a failure and a mess. 
We have so many wrong information on sex which pornography has transmitted over the years and it is wise for anyone who is under the influence of pornography to understand that there is a great difference between pornography and sexual intimacy. 

Pornography gives men the impression that if a lady is not of a particular shape or size or height, then having sex with her is not acceptable. It was pornography that taught us what figures and shapes are great for sex. How a woman with a big breast and hips will make you enjoy sex much more than a lady who has small hips and breast. 
It gave men the impression that it's only a big and long penis that can make a woman cry or yearn for more sex and this has pushed them into seeking ways to enhance the penis size so that they can impress the ladies. This, they do, at the expense of their health.

Pornography also gave women the impression that if a man’s penis is not up to six inches when erect and as hard as iroko wood, she won't be able to enjoy sex or reach orgasm or squirt like the porn stars do and because of that, they won't be comfortable with a man whose penis is of average size. 
But in reality, irrespective of the size, shape and the type of body an individual may have – tall or short, big or small, sex can be great and awesome if you can put your mind not on the size of your organ but on the size of your love and appreciation of your spouse. 

Men perceive sex as a competition where they spend little time in foreplay and almost all the time in spanking, banging, hitting, and smashing the vagina until the lady begins to cry or beg to take a break. 
They see it as a competition where the man must conquer his wife and make her vagina as hot as possible. 
Unfortunately, what many do not know is that such men are not making love to their spouse, they are repeating what they saw porn stars do forgetting that those porn stars have no regard for each other’s body. Porn stars are often under the influence of drugs, many of the videos that you depend on were edited and the number of minutes that a man may take to reach orgasm is quite different from what pornography will teach you which is, the longer the more pleasure. 
For women, they feel that if her husband doesn't last up to the minutes she watched, then he's “vegetable” and cannot satisfy her sexually. 
Pornography have made women to believe that if they don't squirt, reach orgasm, or moan like porn stars, the man isn't good enough for her and as such she cannot enjoy sex with him. 
In reality, you have to first connect with your partner, enjoy his company and personality, see him as an individual with so many attractive attributes which are beyond sex, encourage more foreplay with him because you adore each other’s body.  The macho can only give you sex, not lovemaking and no intimacy is built.

Pornography pushes men to compare their performance with those of porn stars and also compare their wives with porn stars and if for any reason she doesn't meet up, it means that she's a lazy lady and too dull for sex. 

Pornography pushes women into looking forward to orgasm instead of enjoying the intimacy of their partner. They have the impression that orgasm is the most important thing and that if he doesn't get it right the first time, then he will never get it right. 

Pornography pushes women to believe that quick ejaculation or premature ejaculation is a taboo that shouldn't be associated with a real man and when she experiences such, she will naturally nag or confront him on why he allowed the sperm to come too soon thereby crushing the self-esteem of the man and making him fearful of sex. A good number of men and women have been destroyed by spouses who believe the lie called pornography.

But one thing that pornography will never tell you is that every man at one point or the other experience quick ejaculation and it is, more often than not, normal. Some newly-weds get damaged on their wedding night because the sex they looked forward to came disappointing. What many don’t realize is that both excitement and stress can make a man not to perform in bed.

Pornography will never tell you that connecting with your partner and taking your time to appreciate the personality of your partner will enhance your sexual intimacy. 
Pornography will never be helpful when you indirectly compare your partner with a porn star and try to push your partner into replicating the same thing you saw on screen.

Pornography is a dangerous threat to your marriage and when you impose pornography on your partner, you may either get a porn star out of your partner or you may push your partner out of your life. 
What couples need to enhance their sexual intimacy is not a pornographic video; they need sex education videos or sex therapists. 

Please stop swallowing the distorted information on pornographic videos, take your time to communicate with your partner, and create that sexual intimacy that is unique to you and your partner. 
Focus more on connecting with your partner through communication, mutual, and selfless foreplay, and memorable intercourse. 
Do not be deceived by the gymnastics and the acrobatics of porn stars, most of them are under the influence of drugs and most of them have carried out some form of surgery to accommodate what you watch and practice in your marriage. 

It is not healthy and safe for your sexual life, you have a lifetime to grow with your partner, so allow your mind to explore ideas and ways of making love to your partner, keep your worries out of your bedroom and see every session as a learning process believing that it can only get better with time.

So make a decision today to keep pornographic videos out of your matrimonial bed. Don’t forget; When it comes to sex in marriage, whatever you sow at dawn is what you reap at dusk.


  1. This is really educating. I was once lost in the ecstasy of using adult films to 'wet' my ''appetite' but I thank God today that it's a thing of the past. How much I detest anyone even siting on my laps now, I feel so irritated with that act and I know it's not just me working but the Holy spirit in me. Enitan Made

  2. Lovely. Keep it up dearie, you are wonderful!

  3. U are God's,at this time.there is a matrimonial issue that has been lingering for so long now ,my wife left me. I want to discuss that issue with u. She is ur FA also ,I have tried all u could humanely do. But all to no avail. Now I want u to come into the issue ,maybe God will help me through u. I had 4 kids with her ,can I get ur number.

    1. Please send me a message to my Facebook page inbox and we can discuss further on this.
      It's well with you and his grace is sufficient for you even in times like this.

    2. Please send me a message to my Facebook page inbox and we can discuss further on this.
      It's well with you and his grace is sufficient for you even in times like this.

  4. Very wonderful piece and I love this!! Keep the good work going!!


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