Saturday, October 15, 2016

Caught My Husband Making Sex Advance To Our House Help.

Good evening sister Amara, l bless God for the good work he uses you to do in our generation today. Am married with a son, ever since I got married it is from one problem to another.  My husband have a lot of issues which I strongly believe that he is not normal.

A night after our wedding I caught him with his mother's house help, he pleaded and I forgave him. He never allowed me to touch his phone, he doesn't pay our son's school fees, he doesn't even care about my own needs. I take care of our son and my needs from the little money I earn from my teaching job.
I saw a video of him and his ex making love on his phone, I confronted him, he told me that he have warned me never to touch his phone. I cried it out and I tried to forgive him before he acted this new drama of wanting to sleep with my 8 years old house help.
I really need an advice please, I can't sleep and I love my husband so much and I have been praying for him. Is he normal? Please help me to pray for him. Thanks so much and God bless you the more.

I pray that God will intervene in your marriage and deliver your husband from the spirit of paedophilia and adultery in Jesus name Amen.
Your husband have little or no understanding of what marriage entails and he doesn't act like a man who is willing to make amends and be responsible and committed to your marriage.
In as much as I encourage you to pray for him, please there is every need for you to first let his family and your family know what you are dealing with. There's a need for you to protect yourself from contracting sexually transmitted infections from him and also tackle the issue of his irresponsibility to the family.
He's not only cheating on you but he has every tendency to rape your house help, or contract sexually transmitted infections, and at the same time bring more children that you must suffer to train.
You saw his attributes but decided to go ahead with him, I feel that was where you missed it because a leopard doesn't change his spot. You need to address this as a matter of urgent necessity to avoid contracting sexually transmitted infections, or destroying your house help or bringing more children that your meagre resources cannot cater for.
I pray that God will give you the wisdom and grace to manage this and make the best decision on this issue.

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