Thursday, April 26, 2018

Could He be Looking for an Reason to Dump Me?

I need advice..
I met this guy some months ago and he is based in Abuja.
We got talking and all, and I had this job I was doing, a secretary job, and resigned because the company wasn’t paying.
So when we met, he thought of finding me another job.
But I had this challenge, I didn’t finish school so I had to tell him.
I told him immediately after I met his mum. He was like, I should go back which I have started the journey.
The issue is this, I got a message this morning saying his mum told his dad about me and that his dad called to ask him why he is not serious with me. That he heard I studied Law, that he can use his connections to get me a good job and all. So he told his dad that I didn’t finish school. He said his dad said that I am not serious and that if I was I would have had my MSc and BSc by now. That he should not marry me unless I complete my education and do Masters which is in four years time, plus this guy is 34 years old.
I feel his dad never said that, he is just looking for a way to get me out of the way.
I really don't know what to think. It’s not like I depend on their son for a dime. I have my own business and I am paying my way through school and learning how to sow as well.
I need your advice please.
I want out of the relationship.
Will be hoping to hear from you soon.

Whether his father said what your boyfriend claimed is not what you can verify, because you were neither there nor can you ascertain exactly if your boyfriend had such a discussion with him. 
Even if his father said such, it is left for your boyfriend to make his stand known to his family--that is if he genuinely loves you--and then give everyone who cares to listen reasons why he has chosen you above all other ladies. 
Now, if he couldn't convince his family to see beyond your academic limitation, then he's only saying that he is not proud/comfortable or contented with your personality. 
And as such, the best thing to do is to respect his decision and move on with your life. You don't owe anyone any explanation for your journey or what life has brought to you. 
Whether you were a graduate at 20 years of age or  at 50 years of age, what matters most is that you are focused on self development, and that you will continue to grow through your life journey. 

He has made his choice, don't blame him, nor feel bad about it, but accept it and remember that tomorrow will birth a better, happier, and more productive/purposeful you.
And love? Don't worry yourself about that, love yourself, follow your passion, let your happiness shine so bright, and allow God to give you a man who will give you just one reason to love like a baby.

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