Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ever since I got Pregnant, He's been Acting Weird to Me!

Good evening ma, I met my boyfriend in December and we started dating in January. I just found out that I am pregnant for him and he insists that I terminate the pregnancy. I told him I won't want to subject myself to such,
he still insisted that he wasn't ready to be a father both emotionally etc.
Ma, this man is 37 years of age, has a job and can take care of basic needs, and also stays in a comfortable apartment...
Well, I told him that I will keep the pregnancy and if he doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions then no problem, I will handle this myself.
Ever since I told him that, he has been acting weird towards me. Ma, what do I do?  Plus I told myself that if I eventually change my mind and terminate the pregnancy, then I am done with him.
He keeps insisting he loves me but I don't think he does. Ma, what do you think? 

I think both of you were careless by jumping into sex when you were not prepared to take the responsibility for your sexual intercourse, and by having unprotected sex with a man who you barely knew. 
To you, having a good job, comfortable apartment, maybe a good car, and being 37 years are sufficient enough for him to be responsible, but in reality a man maybe comfortable and be irresponsible. A man maybe old enough but never prepared for marriage or mature enough to be a father to a child or husband to a woman. 
It is absolutely possible that he's not prepared for marriage or fatherhood. Secondly, you have no idea whether there is another lady somewhere who he has promised marriage, and you cannot tell exactly whether there is a child somewhere or even a marriage somewhere which you do not know about. 
Maybe you should have been more careful when it comes to sex, to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary pressure and stress. 
Like you know, abortion comes with its own consequences, emotional, psychological, and biological consequences. It may damage your womb if done in a crude way, it may take your life, and it may leave you broken for the rest of your life. 
Deciding to keep your baby is also a huge responsibility, that will make you sacrifice so much to see your child become whom God has created him/her to be. 
None of these two maybe rosy, but each of these two choices will leave you with a lifetime memory. 
It could be a memory of having your child eternally grateful to you for giving him/her the love and compassion which nobody else could give to him/her, or a memory of terminating a future, a solution, a vessel of grace, or your own blood, baby, and happiness. 
It is a painful choice to make, and you are in the best position to decide which is best for you. 
At this point in your life, you just need to understand that you are totally responsible for what happens to you and your pregnancy. 
If he decides to change his mind and accept responsibility for your pregnancy, perfect, but if he doesn't, you shouldn't expect anything from him. 
In the end, a child will most definitely appreciate the sacrifice of a mother who gave him/her the privilege of experiencing humanity on earth.

A man who insists on you aborting your pregnancy doesn't love you nor does he mean well to your health, happiness, nor peace of mind. Believe his words at your own peril.

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