Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Six Categories of Individuals you Shouldn't Consider for a Serious Relationship.

Love/relationship makes you extremely vulnerable, because in your bid to connect with your partner or build a relationship with your partner, you will definitely reveal the good, crazy and the weak aspect of your personality.
This is why you must be extremely careful when choosing who to love or date.

To help you avoid wasting your time, emotion and resources, here are the six categories of individuals you shouldn't consider for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. 

 1. Religious Dummies. 

In your best interest, you may wish to avoid dating a religious dummy. These are the kind of people that their pastor makes decision for, from what to wear to how to use their brain. 
They are so attached to their religious obligations or leader that they find it difficult to make any decision without consulting them. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being devoted to a church/mosque or having a personal relationship with God, but when an individual is unable to make a personal decision without consulting or wholly depending on leaders, then there is a high tendency of being manipulated by those they confide in.

2. Individuals with Loose Lips/No Privacy.
You may also wish to avoid dating those with loose mouth. They are naturally interesting people because they will share everything with you, tell you about everybody, including those they don't know. The real challenge with them is that they depend on their friends to make any decision in life, thereby sharing everything about you with them. He/she listens to his/her friend much more than he/she listens to himself/herself or to you. 

3. The Emotionally Unavailable Individual.

This one wants to be loved but they are not ready to love. They know that they are emotionally unavailable but they still crave the attention, affection, and admiration of a man/lady
While you may wish to try your best to win his/her heart, you may most times end up hurting yourself and exposing yourself to unnecessary pain.

4. The Confused/Indecisive Individual.

She's in a relationship with Mr A but she wish to give you a chance to see where things will go. He's done with his ex, but he's always flirting with her and hanging out with her.
They're just friends, he/she said, but the reality is that he/she is running two connections at the same time, and if you are not ready to be used as a road demarcation, then you shouldn't accept a confused individual in your life or date anyone who can't make a decision on what he/she wants in a partner. 

5. The Mentally Immature Individual. 
They are ready to fall in love with you, but never prepared to invest to build a healthy relationship with you. 
They give so many excuses, blame others, and act as though they are in a paradise where love grows without commitment or contribution from them. 
While it's okay to carry a baby, it is always dangerous to climb a tree with a burden instead of a support system. 

6. The Irresponsible Individuals. 
Romance is sweetest when partners take the responsibility of their passion/pleasure. 
He cannot take care of himself and have no genuine plan for himself but he has a perfect love story to share with you. 
She feels entitled to every single penny in your pocket, she sees you as her divine settlement, and want to extract every single penny from you. 

Love begets responsibility, unless you are looking for a fling and not a lifetime partner, you may wish to avoid dating an irresponsibile individual.

If you must be in a relationship, then consider dating an individual who is prepared for the kind of relationship you desire. 
Fall in love with an individual who is already waiting to share his/her heart with you. 

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