Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How do I unload these Garbage in my Life?

Good evening Aunty Amara, how are you doing and how is your family? 
I will be needing advice on some cases because I don't want to go into new year with some stuffs

  1. When my husband and I was dating, he would bath three to five times a day during summer, while winter is two times a day, now he bath only two times in a week.

  1. He was the most gentle and calmest person I have been with, truthful, faithful and kind to everyone but now he has become an aggressive, rude liar, when given cash to do something he would not do it but use the money and when asked, he will start yelling. 

  1. He cheat, in fact, I am ashamed to go out with him or meet people that knows him

He has stopped praying and lost respect for everyone, he sleeps outside and comes in whenever he chose to
If we are in Nigeria, I would have separated or divorced him so as to start a new life because he has spoiled my name and brought shame

Please I would like seek advice from you

It is a horrible experience to groom an adult who still have his senses intact and knows exactly what is wrong from what is right. 
It is not what words can describe because every single effort looks like an insult and an abuse to the person around him/her. 
There's no means of correction that is ever effective, especially when you are dealing with someone who is proud, arrogant and selfish. 

There's no need for you to punish yourself by trying to help him understand the importance of basic hygiene, but you can keep your body away from him or insist on him taking his shower before touching your body, so that you don't acquire bacteria and fungal infections in the name of love. 

I guess he was gentle and kind because he was probably broke and haven't crossed to the developed part of the world. Some men are nice when they are broke, and so faithful when they see a potential lady they can sulk dry...
What happens when a man has tasted money is the true character that poverty suppressed. 
Well, now that you know his true character, you are in the best position to decide whether you want to make an omelet from the broken egg or to trash it in the bin. 

Remember, it's majorly a rich man who cheats with confidence and pride, poor men cheat with fear because they know that they have limits...especially when it comes to funds. 
Now that you know, I'm not really worried about his new habit, just worried about your health and some infection he may share with you as a result of his generosity with other happy-go-lucky ladies. 
As some cheats always believe, 'if the candy is sweet, then it can be shared with a neighbor', you may need to ask yourself if you wish to continue sharing your private property with his public enterprise. 
There's absolutely no excuse for not making your decision, unless you still want to enjoy his prowess in bed, else now is the best time to make that choice and follow the path that you are comfortable with. 
Everything cannot be fixed by enduring them, some times you simply need to fix your choice and then watch as every other thing takes shape. 


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  3. Nice one. I cherish the advise. Keep it up


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